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A loving and wise ‘mum in a book’.

'A Serving of Wisdom' offers help and advice for young people.

“Life is not meant to go smoothly. You will have fantastic days and you will have terrible days and you will have many ordinary ones in between. Be grateful for them all and trust that no matter what life throws at you, you will be able to deal with it.”


Media Contact

Kirsty Mooney

Email: servingofwisdom@gmail.com

Website: www.kirstymooney.co.uk

United Kingdom - Sometimes young people do not want guidance and advice from their parents’ and they look to other sources. A serving of wisdom is a loving and wise ‘mum in a book’. Written by a mother of two teenagers, Kirsty Mooney has observed her two children navigate their adolescence through an epidemic of stress and anxiety amongst young people.

Written with touching honesty and empathy, Kirsty has drawn from her own life experiences. She believes young people deserve all the love, encouragement and support adults can provide as they begin their journey into the wider world.

A serving of wisdom explores themes such as:

  • Relationships

  • Health & well-being

  • Problem solving

With thoughtful contributions from her friends and family, this is a unique gift to the next generation. A selection of delicious recipes for almost every occasion has been included adding some great practical support – and to stop them having too many takeaways when they leave home!

All of the profits will be donated to young people’s charities

 “A Serving of Wisdom” will be available from Silverwood Books from 22nd June.